Easyinsmile Multifunctiona Silicone Dish Washing Brush - Kitchen Wash Tool Pot/Pan Dish Bowl/Washing Fruit and Vegetable 5 pcs per Pack (Oval)



  • SUPERIOR CLEANING:Flexible and Squishy Silicone Materials; Easy to Reach Corners of Glasses and Cups; it's easy for you to take it anywhere with the super tiny dimensions
  • KEEP DRY AND INHIBIT BACTERIA:Speedy Natural Drying. No Grease! No Bacteria!it's not easy to deform, and no residues.
  • MULTIPURPOSE FOR YOUR HOME & KITCHEN: You can use this silicone brush for dishwashing, scrubbing pot or pan, washing fruits and vegetables. and even you can use it for shower , it will be a perfect heat insulation cushion or glove when in need
  • THICK AND SOFT : Silicone Dish Scrubbers to Replace Traditonal Nasty Sponge or Rags!
  • 100% FOOD GRADE SAFE: Non-toxic, Wear-Resistant, and Scratch-Resistant , Qualified with FDA Standard and Long-lasting,protect the health of you and your family
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

100% Brand new and high quality!

The brush, made by food-grade silicone, is with double-sided intensive cleaning bristles which make stains undetected;

It is non-deformable with strong ductility ,thus can be used to wash the dishes, scrub pots, clear fruits and vegetables.

What is more, the brush can also be used as insulation pads.

It is atso heat-resistant which can be even sterilized in boiling water.

Packing list: 5 pcs per order:(orange/green/blue/pink/green)


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J. Landau
March 26, 2018
They are thicker than the previous ones I had and I like that. They work great and they don't hold onto dirty or get smelly n bacteria laden like regular sponges.
Amazon Customer
October 3, 2017
Don't buy it. It's useless a total waste of money.

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