DC Cargo Mall Yellow Vee Board Trailer Cargo Load Corner Edge Protector and Truck Tie-Down Strap Guard Bumper Cushion, 8' x 8' x 24' 8 x 8 x 24

  • V (Vee) BOARD CORNER EDGE PROTECTOR for freight such as cardboard boxes filled with goods, cotton deliveries, plywood boards, etc.
  • Protect your cargo edges from damage due to tie-down strap pressure by redistributing the stree over the board and reduce insurance claims for ruined goods
  • Cushion TIE-DOWN STRAPS from getting cut by sharp load edges such as metal sheets
  • Made out of durable quality YELLOW plastic 24" long and 8" x 8" wide down both sides
  • Take advantage of our personal customer service and our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
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V Board Cargo Corner Edge Protector Guards

When you travel on the highway with a load of produce on your fifty foot trailer, you know some of the cargo may very well get damaged. The tie-down straps are bound to shift in place, causing friction, crushing cargo, and tearing the strap. Vee board corner protectors minimize possible damage to cargo by covering the load edges with a durable plastic protective cover. They can be used on the side and top corners to cushion tie-down straps and lessen impact consequence.

24" Long V Board Tie-Down Strap Cushion Bumpers

Vee board corner guards are designed to protect the edges of any load. Use them to stabilize oil drums on flatbeds, cover loads of sheetrock, and protect edges of cotton loads. This 24" plastic V board corner guard protector is long enough to absorb the pressure of the tie-down strap, reducing the strain on the load edge and protecting the strap webbing from sharp load edges. It is exceedingly simple to use and makes the loading and securing of all cargo a safe breeze. When you use a Vee board corner bumper, your freight will be safe and your straps will remain whole. Using V board corner protectors help you fulfill your requirement to use an edge protection that 'resists abrasion, cutting, and crushing' in a case where 'a tie-down would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo'. (See FMCSA § 393.04 for further details.)


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February 3, 2017
Despite the fact that I ordered yellow, but they sent me red, this product does exactly what it is designed for.
The only thing to be cautious of is if you are strapping horizontally across it, it can slide off.

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