Charles Leonard Creative Arts Round Tip Paint Brushes, Short Stubby Round Handle with Hog Bristle, 7.5 Inch, Assorted Colors, 10-Pack (73210) Charles Leonard Inc. COULEO73210



:Assorted Plastic Handles


  • Brightly colored 7 1/2" plastic handles
  • Natural hog bristles
  • Seamless aluminum ferrule
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Color:Assorted  |  Size:10-Pack  |  Style:Round Tip

With over 70 years of experience in the School and Office Supply markets, Charles Leonard Inc. is not just one of those online “Pop-Up” shops that are here today and gone tomorrow! With Charles Leonard products, rest assured that our products provide the quality and value you expect. These round stubby brushes feature brightly colored 7 1/2" plastic handles. Natural hog bristles are held in a seamless aluminum ferrule. Paint brushes are color coded to match the Creative Arts spill proof paint cups, making them a great set!


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August 23, 2016
I am an art teacher and use a lot of different brushes. I needed some larger brushes for my younger kids and I could not get the ones I normally order in time. These did the job that they were needed for but over half of paint brushes shed their bristles all over the students artwork. This was not just a bristle here and there but over half the bristles came out. The other half still lost some bristles but I would use those ones again. Over all I will not purchase these again nor would I recommend them.
July 4, 2016
Bristles pull out easily when painting. Spend more time picking the loose bristles out of the paint than the time spent painting.
Emily Emily
December 18, 2015
Terrible quality!
Holly Rams
December 18, 2017
Iu2019m an experienced artcrylic painter and love using quality brushes and sizes. I hesitated to purchase these for those harder areas to reach smoothly with the 1 inch angle brush however went for it any way. I love the quality of the bristles and some firmness that maintains its quality over and over so far. The Variety if colors to them are great distinguishing while intensity focused on a project to reach for exactly what is desired. I also have deficits in my painting hand that will never prevent me from a relaxing and interesting hobby of art! There for the grip and weight matters to me for neuro muscular control and fatigue. These are smaller however mighty and the grip is perfect for me to use . Over all Iu2019d recommend these for any ones selection of brushes.
April 4, 2017
Overall great little canvases. Only negative is that some of them stuck together and ripped when separating.
We used them as a baby shower item for the guests to create their own scene on and the mom used a larger one and will add details after baby is born.
October 31, 2016
These are not great quality. Truthfully, they aren't even good quality. I would say they are fair quality at best. But for the price, they are good for a few uses and then we toss them and I don't have to spend extra time rinsing out brushes at the end of art time with my daughter.
Mom of 3
January 11, 2017
Great for preschool. A little cheap but keep in mind these are not for commissioned artists. They are for preschool.. They work wonderfully and we have been using this brand for years.. I will purchase them again. A pack lasts a couple years with rinsing..
February 15, 2018
Donu2019t waste your money. The bristles are constantly falling out, they make a mess of whatever youu2019re trying to paint, and they really just arenu2019t good quality at all. I wouldnu2019t buy again.

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