Blessed family Cat Scratch Mat, Cat Scratcher with Bell Ball, Kitten Carpet to Prevent Furniture Scratching Suitable for All Ages Cat Scratching Posts 1 Piece Cat Scrartcher with Bell Ball



  • Product comfort: can clean directly with water, remove the dust on the anti-skid mat, can be used repeatedly,high comfort,no harmful odor,safe for playing.
  • Specification: Size: 12.4 x 9.65in / 31.5*24.5cm, with a bell ball. THE WEIGHT: 0.24pounds (111g)
  • Design: Horizontal curl suitable for table leg and stool legs with a diameter of around 2.8in (7 cm),vertical curl suitable for table leg and stool legs with a diameter of about 2.1in (5.5 cm)
  • Carpet fabric: it is more comfortable and durable than sisal fabric. Don't worry about cat’s crumbs and keep the room clean.
  • Multi-purpose product : For sleeping, scratching, playing, and keeping little off your floor. Pleasant looking cat decoration in any room, as well.
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Materials: carpet
Weight:carpet:0.24LB/ 111g Use tip: Our company's cat scratch pad is made of high-quality natural carpet, which is more wear-resistant and scratch resistant. It’s not only a cat scratcher ,it also can make the cat happier and protect the cat while it is playing. Protect cat paws and furniture:Can put cat catch mat on the ground also can tie in desk foot, have the effect of protecting furniture effectively.


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Cliniece Bradshaw
September 10, 2018

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